Hi my name is Jacquie and Jacquie’s Food for Talk is my take on food, entertaining and sometimes even literature. This is all a result of many years of living with an Italian husband, and sharing his cultural activities.  We are both from a very strong tradition of eating and hosting, and our lifestyle has led us to give huge parties in our home, catered by me.  Jacquie’s Food For Talk is not just about the food, but perhaps more importantly the ability to create an atmosphere around the table from which ideas and conversation flow freely as a result of a warm and deliciously intriguing meal. I’ll show you how I do it. 

The food at our table is what we consider a perfect blend of bold flavors and two unique yet complimentary cultures. It is not fusion, but an adaptation of what I call a Jamaican in an Italian kitchen. 

Can you imagine Italian and Jamaican in one pot? It totally works with the pendulum swinging from Italian to Jamaican and Caribbean flavors. Don’t worry though, pasta is always served, Antonio insists, …but sometimes with a pretty compelling if not subtle Jamaican twist wherein the two seem to meet up in the middle to create a brilliant and unexpected marriage of flavors. Just like us. We in the Caribbean adore the many vivid and startling flavors reflecting the diversity of the cultures that make up our lands, which you will find out more about as you follow along. So what’s another culinary culture added to the mix?

I hope you will enjoy Jacquie’s Food For Talk and hopefully you will be able to take a class or two with me.