Blog written by: Jacqueline Greaves

Jacquie’s Food for Talk allows me to share personal experiences, and food and entertaining suggestions after years with an Italian husband.  We both come from a very strong tradition of hosting, and our lifestyle has taught me to cater to friends and family as well as those who have dined at the best restaurants and the most elite banquets and tables throughout the world:  the latter at my table happily find relaxation, contentment and a desire to share their thoughts and ideas:  a satisfied palate leads to stimulating conversation.

The food at our table is what we consider a perfect blend of flavors and cultures. Italy is strongly present, but so too are the calming but prominent flavors of my Jamaica. Imagine Italian and Jamaican in one dish. As the years have passed the pendulum has swung a bit away from Italian and more towards Jamaican and Caribbean flavors. Don’t worry though pasta is always served, Antonio, the southern Italian husband insists, …but sometimes with a pretty compelling if not subtle Jamaican twist, to create a brilliant and unexpected marriage of flavors. Just like us. We in the Caribbean adore the many vivid and startling ingredients reflecting our cultural diversity. It’s thrilling to see how two completely different colliding culinary styles and traditions can go into one pot satisfying and pleasing palates on both sides of the ocean.

Do follow along, as this is an open conversation, with an exchange of recipes and entertaining tips. Let’s shake things up a bit in your kitchen to create unforgettable dining experiences.

Quote of the day: We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink…” Epicurious

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